Not good.

Esquire Magazine’s take on the Market Basket drama.

I hope they can resolve this quickly for everyone’s sake.

"Hello shoppers! Today we’ve got goldfish on sale! Up front! Hello? Anyone there? No? Okay."

— My manager on the intercom today (via market-basket)

A little levity from the trenches to end the evening.

Hmmm. So you can keep consumer costs low and pay workers a living wage. What a concept.

It’s sad to see local farms being impacted by the boycott, but I think that if the company gets sold to some corporate entity these farms will lose out even more in the long term. It is great to know that MB’s policy was to purchase from local growers. I didn’t know that before, but it makes me feel even better about the choices I’ve made in the past to shop there. If you live near any of these farms think about visiting their farm stands.

Another song for the Market Basket employees.

This does not seem good.

The Market Basket story has been picked up by Slate for more national coverage.

Some national coverage from Inc. Magazine.